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Anxiety Rings Australia

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The Most Popular Anxiety Rings in Australia

Join the thousands around Australia, wearing & enjoying the lasting benefits of our calming Anxiety Rings!

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With over 100,000 rings sold, our customers have embraced a discreetsimple, and effective tool, our spinning rings, to maintain focus and reduce restlessness. Many customers have found relief from habits like nail biting and skin picking, finding solace in the calming spinning motion of the ring.


What is an anxiety ring?

An anxiety ring, sometimes referred to as a worry or spinner ring, is a type of jewellery designed to help manage anxiety and restlessness. Typically featuring an outer band that spins freely around a wider base, the ring provides a tactile and calming activity for the wearer. By fidgeting with the spinning band, individuals can redirect nervous energy, helping to reduce habits like nail biting or skin picking, and providing a subtle tool to aid in focus and grounding.

How can fidget jewellery help someone?

Tactile Distraction: The act of spinning or fidgeting with the ring or necklace can serve as a tactile distraction, redirecting nervous or restless energy away from anxiety-inducing thoughts or repetitive behaviours like nail biting and skin picking.

Grounding Tool: For those familiar with mindfulness or grounding exercises, having something tangible to touch or play with can serve as a reminder to stay present, anchoring one's attention to the here and now.

Discreet Assistance: For those who feel self-conscious about fidgeting in public, anxiety rings and necklaces offer a discreet alternative. They look like regular jewellery but serve a dual purpose.

Boosting Concentration: Having a small, repetitive action to perform can actually enhance their concentration on other tasks, acting as a form of stimming that helps focus.

How do I work out my ring size?

To determine your ring size, refer to the ring size guide featured as our 3rd photo on the product listings. Start by wrapping a piece of string (or a strip of paper) around the intended finger. Then, mark the point where the string overlaps. Lay the string flat and measure up to the marked point in centimetres. Once measured, compare this length to our ring size chart in the 3rd photo. If you find yourself with an in-between measurement, such as 6.6cm, we suggest opting for the smaller size — in this instance, size 9. For children, sizes 6-7 are the most commonly chosen.

How long does delivery take?

We send out packages daily from Melbourne and arrival to customers is averaging 3-5 days! Every ring is hand packed and checked to make sure it has the perfect, satisfying spin so you get the best product first time, every time.